The GDP financial market is one of the most important core applications in EPOCH, and a decentralized exchange and auction center for diverse assets. It supports diversified assets and trading behaviors.

These diversified assets, including fungible and non-fungible tokens, can be classified in terms of application as virtual things with simple or complex structures such as the universal equivalents, entities, materials, tools, organizations, locations, or virtual things that can be reflected in the real world.

Diversified behaviors include a rang of behaviors such as production, exchange, rent, lending, pledge, pre-purchase, option, cooperative business, merger and acquisition, combination of things and…

EPOCH is a decentralized(crypto) ecosystem cluster, composed of components of various scales and dimensions. The initial ecosystem is provided by EMIT Foundation, which will also cultivate and popularize the community to initiate ecosystem projects.

Regardless of the approach, the ecosystem will follow for a unified and open decentralized standard — the EPOCH Protocol. Driven by the protocol, these ecosystems will associate with each other with their own operations, constructing a more complex, larger, and higher-dimensional ecosystem to finally build a complex decentralized world economy.

In view of the complexity of the decentralized(crypto) world economy, although we can’t precisely predict its…

The EMIT Core Protocol is a decentralized blockchain protocol, standards and rules for nodes in the EMIT Core decentralized network to maintain ledger data and interact with each other. These nodes operate independently and exchange information in a network environment, forming a scalable, efficient, and tamper-proof decentralized infrastructure.

The protocol is the cornerstone of the decentralized(crypto) world of EMIT, and as such it requires the following characteristics in addition to the basic features of a public blockchain, and faces the following challenges.

Consensus of all kinds without FT tokens, and natural cross-chain support. This will enable better use of existing…

The contract address for bLIGHT on BSC is 0x944854f404c7C0dF9780651D9B29947C89D8fD19, from which you can search for bLIGHT tokens on

The contract address for eLIGHT on ETH is 0xD48f0cd85B983ac647E09ed06Ae148f458D06A57

Beeple’s set of digital artworks, “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” sold for $69.35 million at Christie’s in the form of NFTs, sending the NFT craze to its peak. Currently, most NFTs are still available to the public as digital art and collectibles.

Although NFT has high value as artwork and collectibles, its shortcomings are also obvious: the threshold of participation in NFT is too high, and it is difficult for ordinary users…

I. Essentially, the meaning of EMIT can be explained from three levels:

  1. A complete decentralized(crypto) world (EMIT Decentralized World)
  2. The technology underlying the construction of these projects (EMIT)
  3. A collection of projects that propel the birth and development of this decentralized(crypto) world (the three EMIT systems)

II. EMIT Decentralized(crypto) World

As a complete decentralized(crypto) world, the material base of EMIT is a contiouously developing information system on three different levels constructed by “Electronical Material Information Technology”. In the EMIT’s decentralized(crypto) world, the economic structure and cycle transcend those in the real world.

III. Electronical Material Information Technology

EMIT is an acronym for Electronical-Matter-Information-Technology, a new technical protocol and reference implementatio for the construction of the decentralized world based on electronic information…

Bitcoin may be regarded as a global, decade-long social experiment, but it has proven through its market capitalization of about $640 billion that wealth can exist in a decentralized ledger when the right conditions are met. However, wealth in a crypto world exists in a form that goes far beyond the numbers stated in the ledger as a reasonable flow of transactions is also required to gain market recognition, including various economic behaviors in the crypto world. EMIT can be used to establish such behaviors, so that more wealth can be generated through the interaction of various economic behaviors.

How Wealth is Generated — The Simplest Economic Cycle in the Real World


If the crypto world is seen as a space that exists independently of the real world, the emergence of Defi brings a financial mechanism to this space. This raises several questions. Is the economic element of this world complete? Can it have the basic economic elements similar to the real world, such as a trust mechanism, production process, social division of labor, labor market, inventory cycle? Could these elements form the future direction of the crypto world after Defi? …

I. EMIT support for BSC cross-chain functionality officially released

EMIT Epoch is a cross-chain ecosystem, its smart contracts and tokens can exist on several different blockchains. Following EMIT’s cross-chain support for Ethereum, Super ZERO, and TRON, EMIT has officially released cross-chain support for the BSC chain. The release of BSC cross-chain means that EMIT has opened a channel to link with Binance ecosystem, which provides a prerequisite for the subsequent deeper interaction between EMIT and Binance ecosystem.

Currently, the token that can be transferred to BSC in EMIT is LIGHT, which is the first token in EMIT Epoch ecosystem and can be mined in Epoch ecosystem to get $LIGHT.

EMIT Foundation has released the first phase of the EMIT Builders Medallion NFT, which is awarded to community members who become Builders@EMIT in the first phase.

Up to 100 Builders medals will be issued in the first phase and will be minted as NFTs on the Super ZERO chain and can be transferred to the Ethereum and BSC networks in the EMIT Wallet via the EMIT Cross’s NFT cross-chain feature.

The Builders medal was designed by renowned painter Herman; the axe and the mountain represent the Builders defying the odds to explore and forge new paths; the branches represent the new life and hope that the EMIT crypto world has birthed.

As of March 10, 2021, 28 Builders NFT medals have been issued.


EMI is the image of a little magician who will use his elemental magic to create all kinds of magical objects and wealth in the EMIT world.
EMI is designed in the shape of a pyramid with the inherent stability and directionality of a triangle, signifying that the EMIT world can fly to the moon like a rocket on the basis of EMIT’s stable development.
EMI can also be seen as a baby in swaddling clothes, which signifies that the economic body of EMIT World is human, a newborn force that will continue to grow.
The green color represents hope, and the tip…

EMIT Protocol

Construct Wealth With Technology

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