Bangs, it’s coming!!!

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1 min readOct 6, 2022


Bangs is a semi-structured social platform on EMIT Core, based on the dramatization model.

To get a better experience, EMIT has developed two versions (A and 😎 of Bangs for usability testing.

PINs is the code name of Bangs’ version A. It is a beta version (Non-Production-Version), so data in the version may be cleared.

PINs is a DApp on EMIT-Core. Currently the PINs on beta testing doesn‘t have a tokennomics model yet. But in the next version, it will be turned on.These economic models will be linked to other tokens in Epoch.

🔥🔥🔥EMIT invites you to join the event of PINs. You can make suggestions to EMIT. Once the suggestions are accepted by EMIT, you will be rewarded.

💝The total prize pool is $200. For details of the event, please click the link to enter the Verse created by EMIT.

EMIT will continue to release different events on PINs and look forward to your participation.

📖Documents: Guidelines for the beta version of PINs

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