Ancient Relic Opens — After the GameFi Trend, the Time of EMIT Has Come!

I. EMIT is a multi-metaverse that reflects the reality

1. EMIT has infinite growth and expandability

EMIT is currently like the Big Bang singularity, with infinite growth and expandability. In the multiverse depicted by EMIT, infinite scenarios can be created with accumulative economic structures. Different scenarios will have different economic behaviors and structures, and they will interact with each other to form an economic ecology, which is larger than the real society.

2. Workers can make real wealth in the EMIT-Epoch ecology

The multi-metaverse of EMIT is mainly built in EMIT-Epoch, which is one of the three systems of EMIT. EMIT-Epoch carries all the economic behaviors in the EMIT multi-metaverse. Currently, the construction of the Altar scenario, Chaos scenario, Team Mining scenario and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace are completed in Epoch.

3. Low participation threshold: everyone is eligible to participate in EMIT

Compared with the high participation threshold of GameFi (hundreds of dollars), that of EMIT is much lower. As EMIT is still in its early stages, only a very low cost is needed for participation. You can enjoy the upfront advantages of the EMIT multi-metaverse by joining EMIT now.

4. EMIT has achieved the simplest economic closure in the multi-metaverse

In the EMIT multi-metaverse, the Epoch ecology has completed the first stage of scenario building and achieved the simplest economic closure. In the future, EMIT will continue to build new scenarios and explore new fields, including but not limited to games, social networks, finance and artificial intelligence.

Ⅱ. The Ancient Relic Opens: EMIT NFT marketplace is officially released

Before the NFT market was released, community users used to trade NFT off-site. Among these NFT transactions, two three-star dark-attribute NFTs are known to have completed transactions, among which one had a single transaction of $999, and another had a single transaction of 3 BNB. In addition to these, several other NFTs with different attributes and grades were sold off-site at different prices among community users.

III. NFT in the EMIT NFT Marketplace

The existence of NFT assets in the EMIT form and NFT cross-chain

Since EMIT-Epoch is a cross-chain ecosystem, native NFT assets in EMIT have different forms of existence and different usage rules. Currently, the main NFT in the Epoch ecosystem is EMIT-AXE. As more scenarios are added in Epoch, different types of NFTs will emerge in the Epoch ecosystem.

Diverse NFT assets in EMIT

When an AXE is forged in an Epoch-Altar scenario, the “health” of the AXE is raised. When the “health” of the AXE reaches 12.8, it generates 256-bit genes. According to the gene fragments that have been resolved so far, AXEs can be divided into different categories.

Energy properties of NFTs in EMIT

Every AXE has energy properties, and the energy of AXE can be replenished and consumed.

NFT transactions in EMIT

Based on the unique rank properties of AXEs, when an AXE is converted from the Native-NFT form to the SRC721 form, EMIT will calculate an additional fee to make sure that the rank of the AXE does not drop. This fee does not need to be paid immediately (rather per cycle).

Ⅳ. EMIT’s next plans and future

1. Complete the development of EMIT Core

EMIT Core is one of the three major ecosystems of EMIT. The “EMIT Core Protocol Network” is a decentralized technology infrastructure, which can provide elastic and scalable TPS and cross-chain capability for mainstream assets. Easy development of the framework for complex smart contracts and diverse assets with privacy protection is an important infrastructure for EMIT to realize multi-metaverse.

2. Continued expansion of new scenarios in the Epoch ecosystem

Epoch will continue to expand adding new scenarios to increase the application value of tokens and NFTs. This will make every participant in the EMIT multi-metaverse able to implement richer economic behaviors and reap multiple benefits in the Epoch ecosystem.



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