A year and a half on, EMIT has also come out of the bull market and entered a bear market, where everybody, both institutional and retail investors, is now in a real funk, feeling insecure.

Despite all the hardships currently confronting encryption, EMIT is ready to survive this bear market, and in actual fact, it can turn out to be more conducive to faster growth. During this period, EMIT will try to accumulate more, in order to be ready for the bull market when it finally appears.

EMIT aims to create a decentralized world. This is an outstanding goal, but not one that be achieved in a year or two, and nor can it be easily realized with the current EMIT team. Therefore, EMIT hopes to attract more encryption professionals during the bear market, in order to increase its dedication to the construction of this decentralized world.

Those who dare to sprint forward in the dark will be the first to see the light of morning.


EMIT is the multi-metaverse which reflect the reality.

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