Yes, for over a year, people were asking when the EMIT coin would come to CMC or CG. Finally, not long ago, the WATER coin was listed on CMC and will also be listed on CG in the near future. There are currently four coins and three types of NFT in the EMIT ecosystem, and there may be even more encrypted assets in the future. Each asset will soon be listed on CMC or on CG. Since we are currently in a bear market, we will boost investor and holder confidence by launching the coin on an authoritative platform. All assets are economically connected to each another, and they are all worth holding. Whichever you own, you will be a resident in the EMIT World. Despite the less than satisfactory overall market conditions, the coins in the EMIT ecosystem are luckier than those which have depreciated more than 90%. EMIT coins have not yet had their heyday, and they still have huge potential. This is therefore the best time to invest in EMIT, bear market or not.


EMIT is the multi-metaverse which reflect the reality.

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