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5 min readJun 30, 2022

What is Independent Choice?

In this era of information and commerce, independent choice is a force that is indispensable to a society where everything is controlled by power, authority and large-scale commercial institutions. Independent choice is the right to make decisions related to one’s own actions without interference from others or interfering with others. Like the right to privacy, it is a fundamental right that a naturally free person should have. It protects you from being deceived, manipulated, persecuted and enslaved, and qualifies you to pursue true freedom and happiness.

The concept of independent choice contains two key elements: “independent personality” and “painless refusal”. “Independent personality” is an internal factor, and represents the ability to think and judge independently in the presence of external information. “Painless refusal”, which is an external factor, means having the ability to refuse without hurting oneself or others.

Why is Independent Choice needed?

It is highly challenging for you to exercise independent choice anywhere and at any time. Today, faced with dazzling advertisements from commercial organizations, we may lose our ability to judge independently, and become psychologically induced to buy what we do not need and potentially suffer a great loss. Even in the most democratic countries, people have to face the various agendas set by different media outlets at the behest of politicians. By creating the information that people have access to, they influence people’s judgments and choices in order to achieve their political ends. Even in the new age of social media, fierce competition and M&As have brought monopolists into being, who tend to filter relevant information in a more subtle way, in order to achieve their commercial or political ends. In the most extreme cases, where we just want to tell the truth, they ban our accounts or employ other means to shut us up, causing us to lose some of our real assets and social capital. In certain countries or regions, people have no way of choosing their own beliefs and lifestyle, while any one of them can be brutally persecuted just for their thoughts or their words. These people do not even have any way of educating their children to think and judge independently. In the most extreme cases, people work hard all their lives just to make a living in safety.

Being thirsty for freedom and happiness, we must have independent choice. Only when we ourselves and the people around us have independent choice can we ensure that we are thinking freely, rather than following the preconceptions of others. Only then will the actions we take represent our own intentions, rather than being compelled to live as puppets manipulated by others. We will not be persecuted, openly or secretly, after refusing to behave in a certain manner, our children can grow up in a free and healthy environment, and our creativity and social values will not suppressed. Of course, we are now living in a commercial society that is dominated by power and authority, where our ability to make independent choices is challenged all the time. Explicitly or implicitly, we are forced to accept a multitude of ideas that are not suitable for us, causing us to behave in an incorrect way. The forces behind what is affecting us are therefore able to achieve their ulterior political and commercial purposes through our actions.

How to obtain Independent Choice

A benign environment for the dissemination of information

To have independent choice, we cannot simply strive for freedom of speech, we also need a benign environment for the dissemination of information. Without this, you cannot ensure that what you want to hear will get through to you, or that your words will finally reach those who want to hear them. We therefore must establish a benign communication environment. Here, information can be properly disseminated and impartially evaluated, while people will have access to information that reflects the real world. This environment must be free from the influence of any political or commercial authority, country, region or belief, so that people can talk freely in both open and closed spaces, and can feel free to follow any message.

Diverse and equitable ways of creating wealth

Poverty also limits access to independent choice. While rushing about all day long to make a living, people have the bandwidth of their thinking occupied by the desire for existence, thus becoming less able to judge external information. When you have to make a choice, more wealth may also provide you with more options. However, society provides people with very limited access to wealth, while people often make use of what they can do best to serve large commercial and political organizations for a salary. There are very few geniuses, standing at the top of the pyramid and looking down at the commoners working day after day for a meager salary. We cannot change this situation, but given enough ways to create wealth, everybody can finally way of achieving their goals.

Proper use of encryption technology

The reason why the world is how it is today, is that it has always been like this, and that is the inevitable outcome of human development. But now, we have a cosmic-level tool — encryption technology, which we can use to explore what lies beyond the boundaries of the real world. However, we must be aware that encryption technology is just a tool, and what is more important is who uses it. In the holy light of encryption, everyone can be extremely equal or extremely unequal. Only by using it properly can we find a benign environment for information dissemination outside of the boundaries of the world, with fair, diverse ways of creating wealth. There are infinite possibilities beyond the boundaries, and we will eventually find our own utopia as long as we can explore it ourselves.

Characteristics and Mission of the EMIT Creators

Just like privacy, the awareness of independent choice must become a part of the social contract, and be widely disseminated. The EMIT Creators are a group of people who pursue freedom and truth, who can think independently, uphold human values, and devote themselves to realizing independent choice. In November 2020, the EMIT Creators proposed their vision for “Building a Decentralized World” and “Constructing Wealth By Technology”. This was followed by the launch of a number of decentralized economic and information dissemination scenarios and social experiments. However, the speed and efficiency of our exploration is still far from satisfactory, and we are always looking for new EMIT Creators to join us.

Let us pursue our own world and our own rights together.

Let us forge on together!

Edward Yourdon <>

June 30, 2022

How to become an EMIT Creator

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