What is the difference between the mining system of EMIT-Epoch and other systems?

At present,EMIT consists of three core decentralized systems: EMIT-Core, EMIT-Epoch, and EMIT-GDP, which represent basic technical facilities of EMIT, complex ecological clusters, and financial markets, respectively. The production activity of mining is mainly concentrated in EMIT-EPOCH.

Different from the traditional mining mechanism, the EMIT ecological mining mechanism integrates important elements such as PoN and NFT. The output of $LIGHT will no longer be a one-way incremental rule, but will follow the mechanism of output and dumping. The dynamic balance will maintain the stable and continuous development of EMIT, and it will also diversify the economic structure of the EMIT world.

Six characteristics of Epoch ecological mining

1. Adopt PoN mining mechanism

EMIT does not use simple POW, POS and other mining mechanisms, but uses PoN mining. In the Epoch ecology, Hashrate and the burning of tokens are unified and used as raw materials for PoN mining. PoN mining can not only synthesize $LIGHT but also can be used as a process for forging $LIGHT production tools.

2. Device, as a kind of NFT, is a “production tool” in the Epoch ecosystem, which can be used for mining and market transactions

The output of mining in the Epoch ecosystem will no longer solely depend on the advanced hardware facilities and the degree of hashrate produced. Device as a tradable NFT, its level has a great impact on the efficiency of mining, which makes everyone in a more fair mining environment. When the Device reaches a certain level, it can be traded in the market, which obtain tokens, as well as the income of NFT.

As the higher the level of the device, the higher the difficulty of refining, the higher the mining efficiency and the scarcer the quantity, which will have huge transaction value.

3. Compound interest of time : the longer the mining duration, the easier it is to get more rewards.

Compared with other mining mechanisms, Epoch ecological mining is more dependent on the power of time. The EMIT ecology will focus on rewarding miners who know how to persist. In the Epoch ecosystem, continuous forging of Device and Driver will accelerate the upgrade of the level; intermittent forging may cause the level to be lowered. The longer you persist, the easier it is to obtain greater benefits.

4. Blind box mechanism: random production of rare tokens

The refining of $LIGHT and NFT can provide stable income for miners.It is not limited to this.The DNA of Driver and Device in the Epoch ecology is also generated by the blind box mechanism.For example, a Device has a certain probability of having a rare DARK attribute,and a Device with this attribute can generate $Dark tokens under a certain probability.The $DARK token will have practical application scenarios in the subsequent Epoch ecosystem.

5. Non-tradable NFT-Driver: a symbol of labor proficiency, credit and status

In addition to the tradable Device, each miner will generate its own unique and unchangeable Driver in each Epoch scenario. The level of the Driver will also vary with the time of mining and the level of the Device. The higher the level of Driver, the stronger the labor proficiency and credibility it represents. It is the identity agent of everyone in the EMIT world.

6. Gamified play makes mining no longer boring

The mining method of Epoch ecology is unique. It combines multiple features, such as PoN, NFT forging mechanism, blind box, compound interest value of time, and genetic code. These features will interfere with the economic operation of the ecology, so mining will no longer be a particularly boring thing but a game. You can make money while experiencing the difference,which is a very interesting thing.

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You can get more information through the following links.

Official Site: https://emit.technology

Parchment Paper: https://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/xr8b6

White Paper: https://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/bymuk



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