Tokens In The EMIT

$LIGHT is the base token of the Epoch ecosystem.$DARK is the base rare token of the Epoch ecosystem.$LIGHT and $DARK are the economic foundation of the EMIT Epoch ecosystem.

The following $LIGHT and $DARK tokens are denoted by $L and $D.

Generation of $L

1.In principle, there is no cap on $L issuance.

2.The maximum number of $L produced per day is 100,000.

3.Use the Axe (NFT) forged in the Altar scenario as the production tool to generate $L in the Chaos scenario.

4.The number of tokens allocated per account per day is related to the following factors:

ⅰ.The advanced level of the production tool: the capacity and conversion rate of Axe (NFT).

ⅱ.Proficiency of the workforce: capacity and conversion rate of the account’s Driver in the Chaos scenario.

ⅲ.How much power is provided: the size of the account producing NE (Negentropy).

ⅳ.How many people are Competing: the percentage of accounts submitted in EN House for the exchange of EN (Energy).

5.In Altar scenario you can use $L or hashrate to boost the capacity of Axe.

Generation of $D

1.After the production tool Axe accumulates more than 55.46 energy (capacity >12.8 ), it will generate a random DNA.

2.The Axe that generates DNA has a chance of having the Dark property.

3.Axe with Dark property will convert the generated $L to $D in the ratio of 1/4,2/4,3/4and 4/4,depending on the DNA.

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You can get more information through the following links.

Official Site:

Parchment Paper:

White Paper:




EMIT is the multi-metaverse which reflect the reality.

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EMIT Protocol

EMIT Protocol

EMIT is the multi-metaverse which reflect the reality.

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