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The contract address for bLIGHT on BSC is 0x944854f404c7C0dF9780651D9B29947C89D8fD19, from which you can search for bLIGHT tokens on

The contract address for eLIGHT on ETH is 0xD48f0cd85B983ac647E09ed06Ae148f458D06A57

Beeple’s set of digital artworks, “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” sold for $69.35 million at Christie’s in the form of NFTs, sending the NFT craze to its peak. Currently, most NFTs are still available to the public as digital art and collectibles.

Although NFT has high value as artwork and collectibles, its shortcomings are also obvious: the threshold of participation in NFT is too high, and it is difficult for ordinary users to access NFT; most NFTs are linked to real IP and artwork, and are not completely decentralized products, which also leads to the development of NFT being largely constrained by real-world IP and artwork.

In EMIT World, NFT has a new definition: NFT needs to be “fully decentralized” and “endogenous in the crypto world”.

One of EMIT World’s mission is to make NFT acccesable to everyone in the EMIT world.

In this release of EMIT Epoch 1.0 ecology, NFT will participate in the mining mechanism, and it not only can be used in mining scenarios, but also in credit accumulation, identity symbols and other application scenarios. EMIT opens a new chapter of NFT applications.

I. The core of Epoch 1.0: a different mining ecology

Following the cross-chain functionality of the EMIT ecosystem and the release of the first token, $LIGHT, EMIT ushered in an important version update to the Epoch 1.0 ecosystem. The previously released first token, $LIGHT, will be available for mining in the Epoch ecosystem. Different from the traditional mining mechanism, the EMIT ecological mining mechanism incorporates important elements such as PoN and NFT. The output of $LIGHT will no longer be a one-way incremental logic, but will follow the mechanism of destroying as it is produced, this dynamic balance strategy will maintain the stable and continuous development of EMIT, and also diversify the economic structure of EMIT world.

Six Features of Epoch Eco-mining

1. Using PoN mining mechanism

EMIT does not use simple POW, POS and other mining mechanisms, but PoN mining method. In Epoch ecology, Hashrate and token burning are unified and used as raw materials for PoN mining. PoN mining can be synthesized to produce $LIGHT in addition to the process of forging $LIGHT production tools.

2. Device as an NFT is a “production tool” in the Epoch ecosystem, which can be used for both mining and trading

The output of mining in the Epoch ecosystem will no longer depend solely on the sophistication of the hardware facilities and the degree of Hashrate of which they generate. Device, as a tradable NFT, has a significant impact on the efficiency value of mining by its rank, which places everyone under a more level mining environment. When a Device reaches a certain level, it can be traded and bought on the market, which makes the proceeds of mining have NFT proceeds as an additional bonus in addition to tokens.

Since the higher grade Device is more difficult to refine, the higher the mining efficiency and the rarer the quantity will result in huge trading value.

3. Compound interest of time: the longer the mining lasts, the easier it is to attain more rewards.

Compared to other mining mechanisms, Epoch Eco mining relies more on the power of time, and EMIT Eco will focus on rewarding miners who know how to persevere. In the Epoch ecosystem, continuous forging of Device and Driver will accelerate the ranking, while intermittent forging may lead to a lower ranking, and the longer you persist, the easier it is to gain more revenue.

4. Blind box mechanism: randomly produce rare tokens

The refinement of $LIGHT and NFT can provide miners with stable income, not only limited to this, the DNA of Driver and Device in Epoch ecology also uses the blind box mechanism to generate. For example, Device has a certain chance to have the rare DARK property, and Device with this property can generate $Dark tokens under a certain chance. The $DARK token will have practical applications in the subsequent Epoch ecosystem.

5. Non-tradable NFT — Driver: a symbol of labor proficiency, credit and status

In addition to tradable Devices, each miner generates a unique and unchangeable Driver in each Epoch scenario, and the rank of the Driver will change with the time spent mining and the rank of the Device held. The higher the Driver’s level, the stronger the labor proficiency and credit it represents, and it is the identity agent of each person in the EMIT world.

6. Gamification makes mining less boring

The Epoch eco-mining approach is different in that it incorporates multiple features such as PoN, NFT forging mechanism, blind boxes, the value of time compounding, and genetic code. These features interfere with the economic operation of the ecosystem, so mining will no longer be a particularly uninteresting activity to do, and you can experience it as a game. You can experiece the change every day while making money, which is very interesting.

II. EMIT Opens a New Era in the Crypto World?

Starting from Satoshi Nakamoto’s concept of BTC, cryptocurrencies have been developed for more than a decade now. With the introduction of new concepts and innovations at the technical level, the booming development of cryptocurrencies has also made the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies higher and higher, and Bitcoin has even become the third largest currency in the world in terms of market capitalization (non-circulating market capitalization), which also reflects that the crypto market has become increasingly mature. The construction of infrastructure such as high TPS, Layer2, Cross-chain, DeFi, NFT, etc. has also enabled the gradual improvement of the technical and economic foundation of cryptocurrencies.

EMIT is a new decentralized crypto world, in other words, EMIT wants to change the economic model of the existing crypto market and build a more prosperous decentralized economic form. If we consider EMIT as a universe, various infrastructures are the galaxies in this universe and are the components to build this universe.

III. The future plans of EMIT

1. Continuous expansion of Epoch ecology

EMIT Epoch 1.0 is only the beginning of the EMIT world. In the next two years or even longer, Epoch will continue to expand its ecology. This includes the construction of infrastructure, the enrichment of business models, and the improvement of Epoch’s ecological governance.

2. R&D of EMIT Core

EMIT Core is the infrastructure that supports the operation of the whole EMIT system. It has cutting-edge blockchain network features, including: consensus protocols that naturally support sharding and cross-chain, infinitely scalable TPS, easy development of complex decentralized applications, low-cost application deployment and operation, support for complex asset structures, and support for asset and owner privacy and confidential transactions. The development of EMIT Core signifies that the EMIT world will work better.

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