Introduction to the EPOCH Ecosystem Asset Classification Framework

EPOCH is a decentralized(crypto) ecosystem cluster, composed of components of various scales and dimensions. The initial ecosystem is provided by EMIT Foundation, which will also cultivate and popularize the community to initiate ecosystem projects.

Regardless of the approach, the ecosystem will follow for a unified and open decentralized standard — the EPOCH Protocol. Driven by the protocol, these ecosystems will associate with each other with their own operations, constructing a more complex, larger, and higher-dimensional ecosystem to finally build a complex decentralized world economy.

In view of the complexity of the decentralized(crypto) world economy, although we can’t precisely predict its specific future situation, because its foundation and original motivation are clear, we can roughly speculate on its macrostructure.

Its economic base is not completely consistent with the real world. In the decentralized(crypto) world, the evolved original economy is mainly driven by investment, arbitrage, and risk aversion. Therefore, future assets should be roughly divided into three tiers by liquidity: top, complex, and basic assets.

A. Top Assets
These assets form the upper structure of the decentralized(crypto) world economy and provide the original force to drive its development. Their task is to allow the natural behavioral motivation of speculation to flow into the decentralized world.

They consist of assets with higher investment, collection and speculative value from the decentralized world. Their type, quantity and value are unstable, but they have the ability of value amplification corresponding to the lower assets, and can activate and leverage the circulation of the whole decentralized(crypto) economy.

B. Basic Assets
As the foundation of decentralized(crypto) world economy, basic assets constitute the footstone of decentralized world technology and economy. They open up channels to the real world, economically and physically guarantee security of the decentralized world, and ensure that it is not a castle in the air.

Basic assets exist in the decentralized(crypto) world in the form of interface and genesis assets (refer to “The EMIT Parchment Paper”), both existing historically and newly emerging in the future, and are infused with a large amount of early capital.

These assets are equivalent to real-world natural resources such as land, oil, coal and metal mines. In the decentralized economy, their types and values fluctuate somewhat less than other assets.

C. Complex Assets
Complex Assets are the physical underpinnings of economic value in the decentralized world. This category has the largest volume, and triggers the most complex layer of user behavior.

Based on the speculative nature of top assets, as well as the strong support of the basic assets, it evolves on the basis of complying with the EPOCH protocol, resulting in complex and numerous types of assets, as well as various related behaviors, which causes resource dependence and an economic closed loop in the decentralized world, thus forming a large decentralized world of GDP.

This, in turn, supports the value of both the top assets and the underlying assets.

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