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7 min readDec 16, 2021

Discover! Stay curious about new things

1. A new wealth code in crypto.

With the popularity of GameFi, crypto players have found a new profit model. Take AXIE as an example, this P2E game has created thousands of millionaires who were early players of AXIE, and they accumulated substantial assets during their long-term participation, thus obtaining huge fortunes when the AXIE market saw an explosion. As a crypto enthusiast, I am constantly looking for my own “AXIE” while investing in crypto. After all, I also have a dream of one day getting rich.

2. A different form of airdrop that caught my attention

As an ordinary crypto enthusiast, I would look for airdrops or valuable projects in various channels every day. By chance, I participated in EMIT’s airdrop campaign. Looking back at the airdrops I have participated in, I am really impressed with EMIT. It counted users’ participation behavior by chatting privately with community administrators instead of filling out Google Docs’ forms. This pleasant way of communication gave me a good impression of EMIT. The campaign task was simple, I completed it and received the airdrop reward, an EMIT Eco NFT (AXE), as expected.

3. White paper and the Parchment Book: an abstract concept but ahead of its time

In order to further understand EMIT, I carefully browse the official EMIT website. However, for a non-technical practitioner like me, the white papers are too technical and I could not understand it. But then I found something interesting, the website provides a copy called the Parchment Book. According to it, EMIT believes that mapping the economic complexity of the real world into the crypto realm is the only metaverse that makes sense (they call it a decentralized world). Decentralization of “economic structures” is the main way to build a decentralized world, with decentralized labor, production, and organizational structures at the core, along with economic behaviors such as trading, leasing, lending, and pledges to build complex economic structures that can generate huge endogenous GDP. This is different from the current metaverse projects in the crypto market, those projects are touting themselves as a virtual world, but what they are doing is just centralized game + NFT.

BTW, the official website is very cool!

Try it! Cherish every God-given opportunity, only if you give it a go can you be surprised

1. Analyze the threshold of participation

My time is precious because I have a full time job, so I can only spare a small amount of my time to try it. Of course, if EMIT was a project that required a large investment upfront, I might have given up on it too, because I didn’t have that much budget to invest in a project that wasn’t yet well-known enough. But my intuition told me that EMIT was the “AXIE” I was looking for. So, I decided to invest a small amount of time, a little upfront budget, and started trying it out.

2. Learn and try

I read the EMIT tutorials carefully and found that the current EMIT scenario mode is very simple. So I purchased a small amount of bLIGHT in PancakeSwap, which cost me about $5.

To experience the full process once, I created a brand new AXE by burning 25 LIGHT. But while I was mining with AXE, the system prompted me that I needed to accumulate at least 15M NE. The NE calculation is based on hash rate, so in order to calculate 15M NE as soon as possible, I decided to use a desktop PC instead of my old model phone. Within a minute, 15M NE was reached and I successfully put AXE in the scenario and started mining.

3. EMIT has two main scenarios, the Altar scenario is used to forge upgraded AXEs, while AXEs can mine LIGHT tokens in the Chaos scenario. Therefore, based on the prediction that the higher the level of AXE, the more LIGHT will be mined, I guess that using two AXEs, alternating between the two scenarios, will result in higher efficiency. Of course, I need to verify this conjecture during my subsequent participation.

Identify! What suits you is the best

1.Verify the results of participation

As AXE is continuously forged, its level will increase, and higher level AXE can indeed get more LIGHT in the Chaos scenario. On the first day of mining, I could only get about 0.9 LIGHT, but as AXE upgraded, every day I could get more LIGHT than the previous day. On the ninetieth day, I could get more than 130 LIGHT per day.

2. Scale effect and input-output ratio

It took me only 1 minute a day to get a significant amount of LIGHT easily without investing any extra cost other than my PC, this was not the ordinary scenario. At this point, I felt more and more that EMIT was the “AXIE” I was looking for. I put another PC that had been idle for a long time into the production of LIGHT as well.

Persistence! Persistence itself is a virtue

1. Giving myself a reason to persist

The initial attempts made me determined to keep participating in EMIT. In the fickle crypto community, everyone seems to be so eager to get what they want, and few people really have the patience to participate in a project for a long period of time, especially in a project like EMIT, which has low income in the early stage but high returns in the later stage, many people just can’t persist with it. The fewer the number of participants in the early stages of the project, the easier it would be for me to accumulate more resources. Therefore, in the following four months, I continued to participate in and study EMIT.

2. The longer you persist, the greater the profit

The mechanics of EMIT itself also dictate that the longer you participate, the more you will benefit from the EMIT ecosystem exponentially. Revenue sources include various eco-tokens and NFT of varying rarity.

3. Potential revenue in long-term projects

From the roadmap, we know that EMIT has planned a scenario for the next five years. This is a long-term development project, which plans to spend five years or more to create a multi-metaverse with a complex economic structure at its core. According to the Parchment Book, the EMIT Multiverse will contain cryptographic space, a complex economic structure, a huge endogenous GDP, and a history and culture of its own. In the past year, EMIT has formed a fledgling community with its own embryonic culture.

I can accumulate more assets, and as time goes by, EMIT grows and the room for asset appreciation increases. Compared to the present, the potential earnings of EMIT will be immeasurable.

4. Help is always available

When I have a problem, lovely Nicola always helps me, I can really feel the serious attitude and respect of the EMIT team. I know I’ve made the right decision. The fact that I have been able to stick with it for a long time is closely related to this.

The rewards! You always get what you pay for

In EMIT, the main income comes from two parts: EMIT token income and EMIT NFT income.

1. Tokens earnings

Tokens earnings is divided into revenue in Chaos scenario and revenue in Team Mining.

In the third month, each account could generate more than 130 LIGHT per day in the Chaos scenario, and two accounts could generate more than 250 LIGHT for me. In Team Mining, I was involved in multiple tasks at the same time, which could bring me about 100 LIGHT or more per day. Every month, I can harvest more than 10,000 LIGHT.

2. NFT earnings

I often open blank AXEs, and when I am lucky, I get some rare attribute AXEs, and a dark attribute or legendary AXE can be sold for at least several thousand LIGHT. According to the current price of LIGHT, my monthly income is steadily above $600. But I won’t sell it, I believe it has at least 100 times of appreciation value in the future.

3. Future income

As introduced earlier, according to the EMIT roadmap, EMIT is still in its early stages, and in the next three to five years, EMIT will expand into further new official and third-party scenarios, and I believe that as one of the first players, I can gain more here and have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

Some suggestions for newcomers.

1. If you have a PC, please don’t leave it idle, use it to participate in EMIT, you will reap great rewards, it doesn’t require you to invest a lot of money, or even too much time, just spend 1 minute a day.

2. If you do not have a PC, then you should also continue to pay attention to EMIT, maybe you can not participate in Chaos ecology, but when the new scene is launched, it will be another new world, maybe it is for you.

3. You can invest in EMIT Ecology’s assets and hold on to them for the long term. This demonstrates EMIT’s ambition in terms of product design, community development, marketing, and mission vision.

As of December 2021, EMIT is still in its early stages, so if you’re lucky enough to get involved, you can join. Regardless, I will unswervingly participate in the construction of EMIT and look forward to establishing my own kingdom in the EMIT world within five years.

Note: Reprinted with permission of Felice Ruiz.



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