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8 min readJan 8, 2021

Protagonist: Aaron
January 6th, 2121
Location: Plato

“Ding ding ding”, the sound of the alarm clock wakes Aaron up. He rubbed his drowsy eyes, puts on his clothes, then rush to the bathroom to wash up. After a quick tidy up, he glanced at the “Space Searcher” on the wall, the neon LED light flashing the number 0.0031415. “Fuck”, he thinks to himself: If not rent out the “shovel” (meaning the quality had not improved at all), with all these years of little cultivation, I may have long been able to join the “Shovel Industry Association”. Although the daily output of the “Earth Element” is also pathetic, but the value is much higher than the “Light Element” (the figure shown on the LED). The right choice really is more important than effort.

In the kitchen, Aaron enjoys a cup of espresso and a crispy biscuit with honey, prepared by Alice, the intelligent assistant. After having a hearty breakfast, Aaron picked up the flying umbrella leaning against the corner and looked at the deteriorating wall in front of him, regretting even more about renting out the “Shovel”, because the housing maintenance industry, which consumes the “Earth Element”, has become increasingly important recently.

Out the door, Aaron straddles his flying umbrella, which seems to read his mind and starts up on automatically, playing the news as it flies toward its work destination. The noise of the engine made Aaron’s mood a little irritable, thinking that he would have to change his fusion engine when his salary arrived next month, and that there were still obvious flaws in the engine that consumed the “BCH-Attributed” “Wind Element”. The engine that consumes the “BCH-Attributed” “Wind Element” is different, smooth, and contains the noble “Earth Element”.

Buzz, thinking about payroll, Aaron seems to wake from a dream. Yesterday, the damn code was pushed through to GIT@DeWe without any testing. I hope it hasn’t been relased yet, or else I’ll be at risk of defaulting on the “Axe Industry Association’s” drive. If I were punished again, I may be looking at being downgraded. Damn “Axe Industry Association”, so many rules. The “Hammer” Industry Association is better, the development of AI systems both decent and easy. Humph, if I’m punished again, the worst thing for me is to have to develop my “Shovel” all over again, to produce “Earth Element” all over again. Aaron’s heart burst with joy.

Aaron thought gleefully, flying through the air on his umbrella. The umbrella played the morning news, “At 2:53:48 a.m. today, the AKIY8GHOP Space Searcher has evolved an algorithm to solve the problem of historical nuclear contamination of the oceans, and the “Green Leaf Industry Association” has transferred 20 million “Chlorophyll Element” rewards to the privacy account of the drive to which the “space searcher” belongs. Today marks the 100th anniversary of EMIT — “The Decentralized World”, and the 40910th day of the great Bitcoin, known as the decentralized gold resource.”


What was described above is a purely fictional scenario, this scene may occur in the future 100 years after the corner of a parallel world, whether there is some kind of Potteresque Deja-vu. But what I want to express, is that if we ignore the literary techniques of exaggeration, science fiction and symbolism in the story, this is what EMIT believes and advocates the future world will really be like. So, what exactly is the world of EMIT?

I. EMIT is the decentralized world (DeWe) that can bring real wealth

When we repeat our monotonous daily routine day after day in reality, do we ever fantasize that we can also transform into “Harry Potter” and become a member with “Magic” in the parallel world. Does it even occur to you that you can exist as a participant, a creator, rather than a spectator? EMIT can provide you with such a world.

In the world of EMIT, everything is decentralized, with enough freedom and infinite space for creativity, without discrimination of gender, race, or age. This world contains objective existence similar to the real world, such as identity, objects, tools, productive activities, etc. We are in a world where we can create real wealth value.

When Bitcoin was born, almost no one thought BTC would become a genuine commodity, akin to gold or oil. In just over a decade, Bitcoin has shown the world that the decentralized world can also create real wealth and construct economies that are connected to reality.

“The EMIT Parchment Paper” reveals in detail the meaning of EMIT as an objectively existing, decentralized world based on decentralized technologies and in accordance with economic laws, with real-world human economic agents. It has the main factors that shape complex economic behavior, echoing various factors in the real world. Among them are the “Negentropy” equivalent to sunlight, the various rich “Elements (FT types)” equivalent to natural or man-made resources, “Drivers” equivalent to humans, and “Devices (NFT types)” equivalent to a means of production. These factors are driven by human beings as economic agents to produce various economic behaviors in a completely decentralized world, which can eventually lead to complex economic structures and organizations. This structure and organization contain social division of labor, trading market, auction market, futures market, labor market, rental market, inventory market, and generates a variety of intermediaries, economic cycles, and even a diverse social culture. This virtual decentralized world eventually intersects with the real world, forming an external extension of the real-world economy.

In this world, under the rule of code as law, people in the real world participate in various activities through “Drivers”, and the economy, like bubbling soap water, constantly adjusts and evolves itself, offering all people equal and infinite opportunities without discrimination or oppression.

In EMIT, this kind of economic form is realized through an ecology that follows the EPOCH protocol.

II. EMIT is a technological innovation

The EMIT Parchment describes the technological system of EMIT as three major systems

1. EMIT Core Network

Such a growing and evolving decentralized world needs to be built on a strong and robust decentralized technology foundation. EMIT provides such a technology foundation through the EMIT Core protocol. The EMIT Core protocol proposes a new probabilistic-based confirmation model with a high-performance initial TPS consensus structure and strong performance resilience for processing transactions with high throughput and low latency. It enables complex and scalable smart contracts and decentralized interfaces through a redefined decentralized application (Dapp) paradigm. As the foundation consensus of EMIT decentralization, it has the following main features:

  • Natural slice and cross-chain features.
  • Supports complex asset structures and privacy features.
  • Suitable for the programming of complex decentralized apps.
  • Strong TPS extensibility.

The EMIT Core protocol is the cornerstone of EMIT’s decentralized world economy. The features of the protocol break the limitations of the traditional decentralized world and provide a reliable technical support for the rapid development of the decentralized world economy (DeWe).

2. EPOCH Ecological Cluster

The EPOCH Ecological Protocol provides the driving logic, protocols, frameworks and paradigms for the “EPOCH Ecological Cluster”. EPOCH is centered on “Non-homogenized Tokens” and drives “Homogenized Tokens (FT)”, which reconstructs the economic system of the decentralized world and provides rich economic behavior and endogenous economic closure. Driven by EPOCH, large numbers of users, investors, and developers will be involved in forming various independent ecosystems that are directly or indirectly correlated. As with any marketplace with a fair system and abundant freedom of exchange, EPOCH will create a complex economic structure with huge opportunities for all participants in different regions at different times. This ecological cluster can ultimately create a huge “Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”.

3. GDP Financial Marketplace

EMIT provides the “GDP Financial Marketplace”, a decentralized application at the core of EPOCH, which will serve as a hub for the diversity of assets and economic behavior in the EPOCH ecological cluster. With the diversity of the EPOCH ecosystem, the “GDP Financial Marketplace” can compensate for the lack of credit mechanisms in the decentralized world and is no longer limited to simple financial actions such as arbitrage, risk aversion, investment, and overstressed lending. The “GDP Financial Marketplace” is similar to a central bank in a decentralized world, efficiently allocating resources to the decentralized world and coordinating conflicts between various ecologies.

The three systems of EMIT provide the basis for the creation and development of a decentralized world economy. All people, things, production, markets, and wealth, all operate inside the three systems. If the reality of human life is limited only to the Earth, the three EMIT systems are like the infinitely expandable cosmic space, which has no boundaries. This is what the real future economy should be.

III. Join EMIT and become the founder of EMIT World, creating a “real” decentralized world together

EMIT is a large and evolving decentralized world ecology constructed with three core technologies as its elements. In this world ecology, the human being is the original driver, making these elements to constantly interact, circulate, produce, and annihilate. Just like in the real world, human ancestors continued to explore and develop, human civilization evolved from simple to complex in a continuous cycle, forming the most beautiful poem in the universe.

Likewise, in the EMIT world, there is a group of “Founders” who form the order, the rules in the EMIT world. Each “Founder” will enjoy the infinite benefits of the economic prosperity of the decentralized world, because EMIT is a decentralized world that can produce real wealth, and the “Founders” can get more than just wealth alone.

EMIT advocates and evolves a society that inherits the strengths of the real world and discards many of its dross elements.

  • For every Founder in the EMIT world, there is no oppression or discrimination here, and there is unlimited freedom and opportunity. They have freedom of mind, create real wealth, and realize their fantasy and love for this decentralized world.
  • For every Founder of EMIT world, EMIT world is the combination of material and spiritual world, a more perfect world that breaks the shackles of the real society, so join EMIT and create a parallel world for yourself, for others, and for the society that transcends the real society.
  • For each EMIT World Founder, there will be permanent identity and precedence in the EMIT ecosystem that will remain with the EMIT World.
  • For every Founder in the EMIT world, I believe you would prefer to experience this unprecedented ecosystem: curiosity and fun for you while disrupting and innovating.

To learn more about EMIT, to become a “Founder” of the EMIT world, and to create real wealth in the virtual world, please contact:

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