Bringing the Real World Economic Model to the Crypto World? EMIT is turning this crazy idea into reality!

Does the crypto world have an economically viable model?

When we look at the crypto world as a space that exists independently of the real world and is no longer affected by the real world except for the real people as the economic driver of this world, then we will face the question of whether this world is complete in terms of its economic attributes?

For example, does it allow financial and trust mechanisms, production processes, a social division of labor and labor markets, as well as inventory cycles? In other words, can complex economic structures exist in this decentralized world? If so, in what way can we measure them?

Defi has introduced financial services into the decentralized crypto world in recent years. But it still lacks a large number of elements to function in an economic cycle.

The structure of a complete crypto world economic model.

If the following concepts can be introduced in a decentralized crypto world:

  1. A real-world human clone with a trust mechanism.

Then, EMIT believes that this is the complete economic structure of a crypto world and the decentralized world it is creating. A complex economic structure can be created in this world.

EMIT’s mission and goals

  1. To realize a complete economic structure in the crypto world.

Advantages of EMIT

Advantages of EMIT

  1. EMIT has an advanced concept
    EMIT predicts the future development of the crypto world. As BTC is recognized and pursued by more people, it has turned into real wealth. A decentralized world economy has gained early recognition, and the development of a decentralized world economy will become an inevitable trend. EMIT aims to build and develop a decentralized world and decentralized global economy to bring new growth opportunities to the global economy.

The value of EMIT

  1. Realize personal privacy protection
    Privacy protection is the most basic right of citizens in a society, and is an important part of human civilization. In a centralized world, privacy violations are unavoidable, but a world without privacy is unreliable, insecure, and will face many risks and unpredictable events. EMIT is completely isolated from the real world and provides privacy protection for information, assets and transactions.

More Information about EMIT

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