Bringing the Real World Economic Model to the Crypto World? EMIT is turning this crazy idea into reality!

Does the crypto world have an economically viable model?

The structure of a complete crypto world economic model.

  1. A real-world human clone with a trust mechanism.
  2. Means of production and production process.
  3. Depreciation of the means of production and inventory.
  4. Cooperation and social division of labor.
  5. Diversified trading markets.
  6. Space and distance.

EMIT’s mission and goals

  1. To realize a complete economic structure in the crypto world.
  2. Provide a free and equal virtual country to humans.
  3. Everyone can create real wealth.
  4. Create new economic growth opportunities and increase social wealth.

Advantages of EMIT

Advantages of EMIT

  1. EMIT has an advanced concept
    EMIT predicts the future development of the crypto world. As BTC is recognized and pursued by more people, it has turned into real wealth. A decentralized world economy has gained early recognition, and the development of a decentralized world economy will become an inevitable trend. EMIT aims to build and develop a decentralized world and decentralized global economy to bring new growth opportunities to the global economy.
  2. EMIT has a stable infrastructure and cutting-edge technical capabilities
    EMIT has developed its own encryption technology and consensus algorithms, which can provide very high TPS as well as a flexible computing space. With native cross-chain support, it can easily integrate resources from the crypto world. By redefining the model of decentralized applications and combining with multi-chain consensus, it is easy to develop complex decentralized applications. It provides diversified assets and economic behaviors by redefining the asset model.
  3. EMIT has a systematic implementation plan
    There are three major systems in the EMIT architecture, from bottom to top, namely “EMIT Core Protocol Network”, “EPOCH Ecosystem”, and “GDP Financial Market”.
  4. EMIT has a group of ambitious pioneers
    A group of creative geeks who aspire freedom and equality, unwilling to be restricted in the real world. They will lead believers of freedom and wealth around the world to build one decentralized nation after another. Everything starts with faith before transforming into technological innovation and realization, while staying true to wealth and freedom.

The value of EMIT

  1. Realize personal privacy protection
    Privacy protection is the most basic right of citizens in a society, and is an important part of human civilization. In a centralized world, privacy violations are unavoidable, but a world without privacy is unreliable, insecure, and will face many risks and unpredictable events. EMIT is completely isolated from the real world and provides privacy protection for information, assets and transactions.
  2. Enabling new growth opportunities in global and personal wealth
    As an extension of the real-world economy, EMIT builds the wealth of the crypto world and will inevitably increase the wealth of the whole world. The individuals involved, as the driving force behind the economy, participate in the development of this world and are expected to gain different levels of wealth in this space of equality and freedom.
  3. The best solution to achieve freedom and equality
    Freedom and equality are only possible in a decentralized world where the code is law. EMIT replicates the real world’s ecology economics model, while discarding the drawbacks and limitations of the real economy. Thus, EMIT is a viable solution to create a free and equal world.
  4. Realize personal dreams of building the world
    Faith and dreams are the key ingredients for building human civilization. The love for the crypto world is a powerful support system for everyone who believes that a decentralized world can bring freedom and real wealth. Please join us if you have a dream of building a world.



EMIT is the multi-metaverse which reflect the reality.

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