Ancient Relic Opens — After the GameFi Trend, the Time of EMIT Has Come!

I. EMIT is a multi-metaverse that reflects the reality

1. EMIT has infinite growth and expandability

2. Workers can make real wealth in the EMIT-Epoch ecology

3. Low participation threshold: everyone is eligible to participate in EMIT

4. EMIT has achieved the simplest economic closure in the multi-metaverse

Ⅱ. The Ancient Relic Opens: EMIT NFT marketplace is officially released

III. NFT in the EMIT NFT Marketplace

The existence of NFT assets in the EMIT form and NFT cross-chain

Diverse NFT assets in EMIT

Energy properties of NFTs in EMIT

NFT transactions in EMIT

Ⅳ. EMIT’s next plans and future

1. Complete the development of EMIT Core

2. Continued expansion of new scenarios in the Epoch ecosystem



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